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Couples in Conflict

Counseling can help if you keep fighting about the same issues over and over, if one of you is having or has had an affair, or are just having trouble connecting on a deep emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (“EFT”) and use this model when I work with couples.

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Marriage Counseling for Finances

Do you fight about money?  It doesn’t matter how much you have, money has become a wedge in your marriage.  If you can’t even talk about money without starting a fight or if talking about it is something you dread, the issues go beyond the dollar sign. Our hopes, fears, priorities and values are all wrapped up in money's meaning to us. Money fights are listed among the top reasons for divorce. It's important to get help if you need it.

Designed for married couples in conflict over finances or beginning the process of combining finances, the first few sessions focus on communication and lead into a two hour session in which the couple is guided through a practical exercise of deciding together where to allocate their financial resources.


Research shows almost 70% of the things we fight about are irresolvable.  We need to be able to navigate through them.

The goal of counseling is to build the couple's bond. With the bond as their foundation, couples can overcome marital struggles.


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