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Counseling for Couples and Men
Men Only
Men, if we want quality relationships, we have to deal with the "f" word -"feelings." We have to be able to first identify and then communicate them in ways that build relationship. Men who don't know how to do this turn to other things like addictions, work, material goods, prestige, power, etc. Yet none of those things ever leave them satisfied.

Counseling can help if you are having trouble making commitment decisions, feeling isolated, anxious or depressed, having trouble with your personal and/or professional relationships, struggling with issues related to an affair, behaving in ways that contradict your principles or facing other difficult issues.

Individual Counseling
My hourly billing rate is $90.
Starting 10/14/08: Connections Group -for men who have been doing things sexually on the Internet or other places and want to stop. Learn more...