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As supervisor, I use my experience and knowledge around shaping processes to help expand the supervisee’s view of their clients and themselves as therapists. As such, I don’t try to do therapy through the supervisee by simply giving answers to client issues. Rather, I help the supervisee develop his or her own skill in thinking through client issues and interventions. I also help supervisees address person-of-the-therapist and counter-transference issues (as it can be useful in understanding their clients). I see supervisees as colleagues with wisdom and experience that contribute to my growth as a clinician. My stance is always with empathy and encouragement, attuned to supervisees where they are developmentally as clinicians and emotionally as people.

Individual Supervision *

Group Supervision **

The rate is $85 per hour
The rate is $25 per hour
Schedule: We meet for two clinical hours (1.5 hours) every other week.
Schedule: Mondays from 6 - 7:30 PM.

* The AAMFT Individual Supervision to include supervision done in pairs. Therefore, if supervisees would like to double up in pairs they can split the fee.
** Per TN Rule Chapter 0450-02-.10 supervisees are permitted to get half their required supervision hours from group supervision. The rule also states group size is limited to six supervisees.

EFT Supervision

I am an EFT Supervisor-In-Training. If you need to fulfill the supervision requirement for certification or are just looking for extra support while you learn EFT, I can help. Call me to schedule an EFT supervision appointment.

If you can't come to my office for EFT supervision, I use to supervise via video.